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The benefits of tea are very large and include – a tasty wonder and all-rounder.


Tea helps losing weight

Here you will find an overview of what topics can be found on this website and what will come next.

The History of Tea

We share the legendary legends from China, Japan, Korea, India and Vietnam. Where did tea originally come from and how did it land in today’s supermarket shelves?

What Is Tea and How Is Tea Made?

We explain what tea is and also describe the individual components. Additionally we show and explain where and how tea is grown.

Tea as an Energy Booster

Some teas help to get started faster in the morning. Similar to coffee, they have a stimulating effect.

Tea to Relax

A cup of tea is the perfect way to end the day in the evening and to relax before going to bed.

Tea for Health

Tea can help you lose weight.
For years, tea has been used as a secret weapon against many ailments during pregnancy and lactation.
Certain teas help to promote good health, they are ideal for purifying and detoxifying – others reduce symptoms of nausea, heartburn or stomach cramps.

Different Teas

There are many different types of tea, which we will explain in detail here. Some varieties bring out the benefits of tea and we would like to introduce them.

How Do You Differentiate Tea?

We will inform you about the factors that decide to know and understand the differences between teas.


What are the ingredients of tea and what is of importance to the human body?

How Do You Prepare Tea the Best?

We would like to give you a guide so that in the future all your teas are ideally prepared and you can enjoy the full flavor.

In order to make good use of the benefits of tea, you need to know how to prepare a cup of tea ideally.

Coffee / Tea

How are coffee and tea different from each other? Are there any advantages / disadvantages and if so, which ones?

Make Your Own Tea

Ideally, you know your surroundings and where the best wild herbs grow – these are the best conditions to make your own tea blends.